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A long history guided by
a passion for Barolo

The first generation | Giuseppe 


The Sordo winemaking estate was established in the early years of the twentieth century. It was in 1912 that when Giuseppe Sordo began to cultivate vineyards and make wine in the small village of Garbelletto in the township of Castiglione Falletto.



The second generation | Giovanni 

The turning point came with the arrival of Giovanni Sordo, Giuseppe’s son, who demonstrated both intuition and ability in acquiring vineyards. From the 1950s on, he chose ideal vineyards, called ‘sorì’ in Piedmontese dialect, suitable for making wines o great quality and prestige. Along with his wife Maria, historical memory of the estate, Giovanni enlarged the cellar and built the current fermentation room during the 1960s. He also purpose-built a space exclusively for the elevage of the prestigious Barolo, in which he placed large, 120 hl oak casks.

Sordo_Giovanni copia.jpg



The third generation | Giorgio

In 2001, following the untimely death of Giovanni, his son Giorgio took up the reins of the estate. Thanks to both his father’s teaching and his instilling of the same passion, Giorgio carried on the family tradition. An enthusiast of the added geographical references of Barolo, he reached a great milestone in 2013 producing eight Barolo MGAs for the first time. He dedicated this milestone to his excellent teacher, the oenologist Armando Cordero, a great proponent of Barolo aged in large casks. Giorgio enlarged the original cellar and added a subterranean cellar by excavating under the hillside at a depth of more than 12 meters. Here the temperature and humidity are constant and at ideal levels for the elevage of Barolo in casks. In this part of the cellar, there are also two “infernot”–a Piedmontese word that refers to a small, subterranean cellar–in which the family ages magnums and double magnums of historic Barolo vintages.








Fourth generation | Paola

The Sordo family women have also have important roles right from since the founding of the estate. At Giuseppe’s side there was Signora Lina, the pioneer, followed by Signora Maria, who for the love of her husband Giovanni, supported as well as documented each important decision. Today, the fourth generation is represented by Paola Sordo, Giorgio’s only daughter.

Sordo rispetto Natura 2.jpg

We have utmost respect for
the nature and the environment surrounding us.

We work our vineyards with this principle in mind  following the precepts of modern agriculture.


Grass of varying types grows along with other species of plants between our rows of vines. In addition to consolidating the soil and preventing erosion, they provide humus when dug in, thus completely eliminating the need for chemical fertilizer and herbicides. Our vines are mostly treated with sulfur or copper compounds, such as Bordeaux mixture. However, these are only used when strictly necessary. We rigorously follow the recommendations and dosages provided by qualified agronomists. We have resolved the difficult problem of wastewater by installing a state-of-the-art phytopurification system, returning pollutant-free water to the soil. By following these principles that are continually evolving with scientific progress, we are committed to the defence and protection of our Mother Earth.


Our aim is to contribute to the protection of our Mother Earth.

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