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This unique digestive and dessert wine finds its roots in the heart of the Barolo region, in Piedmont, at the end of the 18th century. 

It follows a traditional family recipe – jeal-ously guarded – and began to be produced as a remedy for many diseases. It was made at home by infusing aged Barolo with cinchona calisaya and many aromatic alpine herbs.


A long maturation in oak barrels turns this aromatised wine into an elixir with little alcohol; the colour is an amber red with faint ruby tinge. Pleasing and inviting, it surprses for its spicy, intense and lingering fragrance. A unique product for real con-noisseurs.


Though there are many ways of serving it, we recommend it as an apéritif with soda water, bitter orange and some ice. Barolo Chinato – offered neat at the end of a meal – is an excellent digestive; warmed up with a twist of orange makes an excellent drink on cold winter evenings.


Interesting match with dark chocolate-based desserts.

Serving temperature

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